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We Are The #1 Shipping Company of Live Crawfish,Crabs and Fresh Seafood in New Orleans  – Shipping More Than1.5 Million Pounds of Seafood!!!
-Thanks To All Our Loyal Customers !!!!!

                     We Have
Live Crabs Available By The Bushel

                          Minimum order 1 case (50 lb)

Fresh Seafood direct from Louisiana. Our team of fishermen bring in Live Crabs & Fresh Seafood daily. All our products are packed and shipped in airline approved shipping containers packed with Gel-Pac’s for refrigeration meeting and exceeding all Federal Standards and requirements. We are Verified Shippers with the Federal Transportation Security Agency. We ship Air Cargo same day 6 days a week nationwide. Depending upon the weight and destination of the order. Air Cargo is available Next flight Guaranteed with Southwest Airlines, the most economical shipping value.

      Hand Picked Lake Pontchartrain Blue Crabs.

Live #1 Fat Male
1 Bushel 5 - 6 DOZEN
60 - 72 Crabs 
Dimensions 6.5 –up inches 
50-lbs                 Your Price $5.95 /lb Plus Air Cargo

       Hand Picked Lake Pontchartrain Blue Crabs.

Live #2 Fat  Male
1 Bushel 6 - 7 DOZEN
72 - 84 Crabs 
Dimensions 5 ½ -UP inches 
50-lbs              Your Price $3.50 /lb.  Plus Air Cargo

Live Fat Male (MEDIUM) 5 -inches
50-lbs.               Your Price  $ 3.35/lb. Plus  Air Cargo

Live Fat  Females
1 Bushel 7 - 8 DOZEN
84 - 96 Crabs 
Dimensions 5-up inches 
50-lbs             Your Price $ 3.50/lb Plus Air Cargo



Frozen Softshell Crabs Prime  USA 
Your Price -$ n/a /dz
(3 Dozen minimum)

Frozen Softshell Large Louisiana's Best
Your Price-$ n/a/dz
(1 Dozen minimum)

Frozen Softshell Whales Louisiana's Best
Your Price -$ n/a/dz 
(Min 1 Dozen minimum)

  Raw Cleaned Frozen Crab Sections
                GUMBO CRABS
Wild Caught Blue Crabs
   1# Pack- Your Price  $ 4.59/lb.

Crab Shell Louisiana Best 3oz/ 300ct- Your Price $ 89.00

           Louisiana's Best Fresh Crab Meat:
Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Meat 1lb -Your Price $ 27.95

Fresh White Lump Crab Meat 1lb- Your price $17.95

Fresh Claw Meat 1lb- Your price $ 17.95

Fresh Crab Fingers 1lb- Your price $ 17.95

Snow Crab  5/8 oz-30 lb Case :  $ 299.00

Snow Crab 8/10oz- 30 lb Case: $ 350.00

Snow Crab 10/12oz- 30 lb Case: $ 395.00

Dungeness Crabs Clusters 5/up 25 lb Case: $ 295.00

Don't Forget to Grab Cajun Boil Crab Seasonig

Cajun's  New Orleans
Crawfish/Crab Boil Seasoning
4.5 Pound Bag
Cooks 40-lbs Crawfish
0r Bushel of Blue Crab
Your Price- $8.99 Per Bag




-Orders placed by 5pm CST can ship out the following day on the early morning flight.

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