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We Are The #1 Shipping Company of Live Crawfish,Crabs and Fresh Seafood in New Orleans  – Shipping More Than1.5 Million Pounds of Seafood!!!
-Thanks To All Our Loyal Customers !!!!!

For Seven years in a row LA. Best Seafood has been recognized as the TOP REVENUE PRODUCER for Southwest Air Cargo New Orleans.We ship more pounds of Louisiana Seafood and Meat products through Southwest New Orleans than ANYONE ELSE !!! Southwest has rewarded LA.
Best Seafood with preferred shipping rates so that our customers pay less for their air freight shipments.This allows us to meet the Growing Demand for Quality Fresh Louisiana Seafood ....AT CHEAPER PRICES TO YOU!

Due to increased airline fuel, taxes, and security .75 cent to .89 cent  per lb.charge with southwest. Air cargo will be airport to airport shipped collect, unless pre-arrangements are made.)
   Shipping Charges are due to Southwest when you pick up your order.

    -Orders placed by 11am CST can ship out the Same day.
    -Orders placed by 5pm CST can ship out the following day on the early morning flight.


  WE Not
Responsible For Delays Made by Freight Companies (FedEx,Southwest,Us Air, Freight Trucking... Shipments are Sent With a Declared Value. If is any Damage it,is the Customers Responsibility to inspect The Order Before Accepting it.Customer Will file a claim with Freight Companies if Necessary.            

$ Price- Per Pound Plus Air Cargo Airport To Airport.
(Shipping Charges are due to Southwest when you pick up your order. General Freight Averages $100.00)

Requires a minimum order of one sack of Crawfish averaging between 35-40 lbs per sack.

Due to increased airline fuel, taxes and security charges as well as differences on air cargo charges.Charged between the air carriers, air cargo will be airport to airport shipped collect unless pre-arrangements are made. Southwest Airlines averages approximately .75 cent to .89 cent per lb. with a 100 lb. minimum charge.

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