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40lb sacks of Crawfish 40qt. seafood boiling pot with burner Fill pot 2 inch above the half way line
Seasoning, one small bag of little red potatoes, 5 pounds of white onions cut in half, one bag of small frozen corn on the cob & couple pounds of whole mushrooms if desired.

Add salt & spice Bring water to a boil & cook potatoes, corn and mushrooms "usually done by feel and taste" When potatoes are done remove all veggies from pot and put in an ice chest "no ice" to keep warm.

Add half again spice, stir in spice after water comes to boil, add one sack of Crawfish, bring back to a boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat and add a least 3 to 5 pounds of crushed or cubed ice to stop the cooking cycle.

Stir the pot so ice is evenly distributed and hose off the bottom of the pot with a garden hose. Stir twice every ten minutes with lid off. The longer you soak the crawfish, the more flavor and spice you will get. Once at desired flavor, serve and  Who Dat!!!

                       Cajun Crawfish Boil /Seasoning

Crawfish / Crab Boil Seasoning 4.5-lbs /Cajun Crab/Crawfish Boil Seasoning for one 40-lb. sack of crawfish.
Your Price-$7.99 Per Bag

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